Bookmaker Software

RDT develop and supply a Windows application used by the majority of racecourse bookmakers in the UK and Ireland. The application allows a racecourse bookmaker to perform all the tasks required by the modern day bookmaker including (but not limited to):

  • Displaying runners on various LED display boards or an LCD screen.
  • Print tickets using a thermal printer.
  • Hedge liabilities into the Betdaq betting exchange.
  • View race liabilities and details of current book percentages.
  • Manage cash including expenses and profit/loss over a single pitch or multiple pitches showing you what cash you have.
  • Network multiple computers/pitches wirelessly or cabled.
  • Scan winning tickets with an instant visual display of the payout.
  • Plus much more...

RDT Software Race Result

RDT Software Simulator

Our software has been out in the field for over a decade and has improved year on year and is the trusted application used on course by all the leading high street betting operators.

The application also ties in with our on course server which acts as a portal allowing SiS and TurfTv to compile and send betting shows and ultimately the starting price for every UK horse race.